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Cuckold Swapping Sissy Punished Cuckold Husbands!

Just what is Cuckold or Cuckoldry? Historically a cuckold was typically a man that was dominated by his wife and who had no control over his wife's fidelity or the number of sexual partners she took.

It's meaning has evolved slightly over the years and with the steady growth in wife swapping and swinging it is now being seen used in wife swapping adverts more than ever.

Typically you will now find the word cuckold being used to describe any man that simply enjoys sitting back and watching his wife being fucked by another man, so fella's, if you've watched you're wife with a single guy from the site, you're now a cuckold husband!

But as well as the voluntary cuckold, the term is also used in the fetish and domination scene to describe week sissy husbands who are often forced by the wife and the wife's lover to watch as they fuck in front of him, teasing him with the knowledge that he isn't so much as allowed to touch her!

So, are you cuckold? Would you like to become a cuckold husband and take a back seat in the evenings proceedings as you sit back and watch her get fucked and pleasured by another man or couple?

If you would, join now and start making contact with single guys and cuckold couples to make your bedroom talk a reality.

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