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First Time Wife Swap Experience Story!!

Being a loyal member of wife-swap.co.uk Steven has written in to tell us about the first time he and his wife Anne tried swapping with another couple!

The first time I saw a naked woman other than my wife, I must admit that I wasn't ready for it. As the son of an Anglican minister, my upbringing had been rather strict, and so I wasn't all that experienced with girls when I went off to university. I married the girl I lost my virginity to and had been blissfully happy since. Turns out Anne wasn't entirely happy, though. She'd been making some noises about wife-swapping, but I was too straightlaced to even consider the notion. Finally she took matters into her own hands, and thank heavens she did -- I'd no idea what I was missing!

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We'd just bought a house with a lovely swimming pool, and one Saturday we invited another couple over to try it out. Tammy came early to sunbathe while her husband, Mark, finished off some work in the garden. I was in the kitchen chopping some carrots for snacks, and soon enough I found myself peering through the window at Tammy as she lay in the sun. She was irresistibly cute in that bikini, I decided, looking away for a moment.

Next time I looked I almost cut off my finger: Tammy was now topless, as beautifully nude as any playboy model. I watched dry-mouthed as she removed her bottom too, and needless to say got an instant stiffy. Anne chose that moment to come into the kitchen and take in the scene, glancing from my erection to her naked friend. "Tsk, tsk. Silly girl. Started without me." With that she slipped off her own bikini and strutted out to the pool, her bottom swaying invitingly.

I was mesmerized of course, and utterly shocked when she knelt down and started nibbling on Tammy's ripe nipples! Her hand went to the girl's slit and started rubbing it and I swear Tammy started to purr. Anne looked at me and called, "Steven, you git! Bring yourself out here. She's ready!"

I swallowed and let my cock lead the way. Next thing I knew I too was nakid, staring at a brown-furred twat that was quite different from my wife's shaven raver. Anne and Tammy teased me for a long moment by kissing and massaging each other's tits, then Anne reached down and spread Tammy's heavenly gate wide. "Go ahead then," she said. "Put it in."

I gulped. "It's OK with you?" - "Hell, I want it. I'm tired of all this vanilla." - "What about Mark, then?"

"Mark will be fucking your wife while you fuck mine," said a rumbling voice behind me. Mark was a tall, thickly built Yorkshireman with a bushy mustache, and by now his pants were down and his cock was sticking straight out.

"Hurry, now," my wife said, "I'm looking forward to some Yorkshire pudding." She took my cock in hand and guided it into her friend's slippery tunnel. I lost control right then and rammed it home, whereupon Anne sank down in front of Mark and, while I pounded into his wife, sucked him till he spewed some "pudding" down her throat. Later, we fucked each other's wives doggy style in the grass, grinning at each other all the while.

Now whilst this was the first time i'd every considered or experienced anything like this, it hasn't been the last. We regularlly meet up with Mark and Tammy for some swapping fun and love every minute of it, there's something deeply erotic about fucking someone else's wife whilst you know their just a few feet away watching you and fucking your own wife - I'm more than happy that Anne arranged for that Saturday afternoon, and would reccomend everyone to have a go at least once!!

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