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Full Swap Sex - Full Swap Swinging Couples

If you're looking to experience wife swapping swinging then this is probably what you're looking to achieve!

Full swap sex is the ultimate in real wife swapping and is something you should ensure the people you are arranging to meet are looking to experience as many couples will not move to full swop swinging until they have got to know the people they are meeting quite well.

Many members of the site will infact be quite happy to meet new wife swapping partners on numerous occasions before taking the step into a full partner swap situation, many being quite happy to take part in evenings of soft swop fun prior to the 'main event'.

But full swapping isn't for everyone! You will be put into a position where you will see your partner having full, penetrative sex with someone else so please ensure this is something you are prepared to watch before the event takes place.

Ladies, ask your self if you are prepared to watch:

  • Your husband fucking another woman
  • Another woman enjoying your husband

Guys, ask yourself if you are prepared to watch:

  • Another guy sliding into your wife
  • Your wife enjoying another mans cock

If either of you answer 'no' then full swapping sex is not for you, but you may be interested in soft swap, so take a look and see what you think. Remember a 'no' before the event creates a lot less embarrassment than during and a lot less heart ache than afterwards.

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