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Adult DVDs

Adult Video Downloads - Porn Movie Rentals

Downloading adult videos is fast replacing the purchase of adult DVDs as there's no risk about whether your video will turn up or not and you don't have to try and explain to the neighbours why you're having discrete brown envelopes delivered to your door!

There are 3 options for downloading adult movies available, the most popular are the timed rental periods of either 7 days or 30 days. Both of these options allow you to watch the video you download as often as you like, there's no restrictions so if you want you could put it on a continuous loop for the entire time slot you've chosen.

The other option is download to own, it works in the same way as the timed rentals in that you have to firstly search through the site to find a film you like, add some credit to your account and then download the movie to your computer. But unlike the rental options that stop you being able to watch the film after your rental period has expired, with ownership you get to keep it on your machine and watch it where ever and when ever you like as it comes to you with an unrestricted licence to view.

All 3 options are really cheap in comparison to buying either a DVD or a VHS tape of the same film.

7 days rental will only cost you from $9.95 or about £5 and 30 days will only cost you from $12.95, so about £6.50! Ownership downloads cost $19.95 which equates to about £10, but lets be fair, who ever watches a porn film more than once, you'd really be better off going for the cheaper options or streaming your porn instead.

To start downloading adult movies to your computer, simply click here, Or to claim some free streaming minutes, click on the girl above and you'll soon find yourself watching a free video and realising how easy this is!.

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